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Business Intelligence

Companies are awash with data and struggle to turn them into useful information. Problems include disparate data sources, manual processing and old reports. We can help you get back in control. By understanding your business needs, we can determine the best ways to support your decision making process. We can implement Dashboards and automatic reporting, giving you clear views of your information. We can also help you to choose the best Business Intelligence tool for your needs.

Revenue Management is used by the Hotel, Airline and Car Rental Industries

Revenue Management

Revenue Management is a powerful business tool first developed by the airline industry that maximises revenue by forecasting demand and optimising prices. RM techniques can be applied in many industries to improve profitability and stay ahead of the competition. We can help you to determine if RM techniques can be applied to your business. If you already use an RM system, we can help you to improve its effectiveness.

Competitive Price Data Report

Competitive Price Data

The Internet contains a huge amount of publically available price data from hotels, airlines, online retailers and more. We can automatically collect such data for you and provide additional value added services such as automatic reports on your price competitiveness, alerts when price anomalies are detected, and up-to-date price recommendations to optimise your competitive position. If you run a Revenue Management system, price data can provide a valuable input parameter to improve your competitive position.

Automate MS Access and Excel

Office Automation

Many mundane office activities, such as data input, analysis and report generation, can be automated to save time, reduce human error, and improve productivity. Paper based forms can be changed to online ones and the processes managed better.